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 We are launching a new website in celebration of our 20th anniversay called Girls & Boys Speak Out. We now offer girls-only, boys-only and co-ed workshops and trainings. Our blog with over 200 posts and 800 users is connected to the new site.

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We're a one-stop site to find ways to raise girls' and boys' self-esteem and ensure they're confident to have and make choices.

See and hear Malala take a stand for girls' education by clicking here.

Proof girls do amazing things no matter where they're living? Check out this report card of a GSO girl in the Congo who is working to attend university and practice medicine.

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New study says equal rights can help save the planet. How? Educated women and girls have smarter and smaller families, a key to saving and using resources well.
Click here to listen to findings

Girls join the rest of us in sharing space on this planet. Watch this video about Why Oceans Matter and ponder our interconnectedness.

We support you no matter your age, how you live or where you are. We build on strengths, reach root causes, explore from the inside-out, and help girls educate and empower each other in a variety of ways while having fun. We are on five continents. We believe in and work with positive gifts, leadership and activism from age 7 and up.
We have offices in the USA and Africa,
partners in five countries and programs around the globe.

A study shows that girls' self-confidence improves dramatically when they attend Girls Speak Out workshops. Girls attended weekly meetings in their high school and experienced new leaps in their self-image.

My Changing Body is a terrific resource for girls and boys ages 10-14 globally and for adults. Click here to download the 2nd edition...

Want data on where we need equality? Click here

Want to know what Girls Decide? Click and find out here...

The Newest Girl Effect Video: The Clock is Ticking

From activist and writer Gloria Steinem: At the heart of Girls Speak Out is its success in bringing together girls from diverse backgrounds, and showing through links to pre-history and today's events  that symbols in every culture and continent speak of a past---and a future- when females were respected in authority. It was originated by and has depended on Andrea's rare ability to bring people of different ages and backgrounds together, and to challenge such deep and unfair divisions as racism, sexism and economic class.

We're here to offer girls what they're missing in other places, and make sure they have the tools to build a complete and satisfying life.

We know that girls are strong, they bounce back from challenges no matter how unfair and  scary, and that girls have answers. We believe that any of the problems children and adults face today, especially when our gender is used to control us, can be solved with and by girls.
We know times are hard globally as a financial crisis affects each of us. We continue to be inspired because the need for change continues; and girls' strengths are priceless, timeless and enduring.

GSO KENYA and SIERRA LEONE lead girls in workshops and meetings that receive local governmental and international help.
kenyan girls iab

Heard about Girls' Rights?
 Listen to this: Girls are born with important rights that are guaranteed by most nations on this planet.... You own the right to food, water, an excellent education, clothes, safety in and out of the house, a good place to live, to decide when and whether to have sex, children and to practice a religion, to choose your future and your friends and partners, live free from abuse and neglect...and to grow up independent and strong. 

Check out the Girls' Global Plan of Action, one of the first speak-outs by girls!

We collaborate with groups and indidivuals, and we are not a traditional membership organization. We want to help create leaders, not followers, and we move with you as you move ahead. We listen and share what we learn. We are creating a lasting network of committed girls and women who resonate worldwide.

We can help yo
u name and change what challenges you may face growing up, and what to do to spread the word about girls' strengths. We listen to each of you, and together we have the power to change the world with and for girls....

Because of you we are expert
in bringing girls together from different backgrounds and economic and social classes, ethnicities, races, locations, and sexual orientations to connect across categories that can hide our true selves.

Lily, 9, wants you to know, "Girls Speak Out changed my life, and then I changed my world!"